March 21, 2018
Capture photos and HD videos from your unique point of view. PogoCam attaches magnetically to the glasses you already own so you can keep your signature style. The small, light, and easily removable camera won’t get in your way as you record memories — and still stay in the moment. Images are easy to transfer... Read More→... Read More→


March 21, 2018
OYO-Box Sold Here Store and organize your eyeglass collections in style with the finely handcrafted OYO-Box. Accommodates up to 8 pairs of eyeglasses, you can now discard your bulky cases and enjoy the freedom of choosing your daily eyewear with ease.... Read More→

Peeps Carbon Cleaners

January 27, 2018

Biofinity Energys Contact Lens

February 4, 2017
Biofinity Energys Contact Lenses feature Digital Zone Optics lens design, which helps with eye tiredness caused by focusing on digital devices. The lens design distributes power evenly to simulate positive power across the entire optic zone, so wearers can change focus from on-screen to off-screen and back with less effort. And it fits like a... Read More→... Read More→

Our Team

April 10, 2013